This year, which promises a global hope for an early return to sociability in presence, the Spring Equinox, when sunlight and milder weather positively affect psycho-physical balance, is truly the best wish and the strongest hope for a decisive return to the life we all know. 

A special time to dedicate to ourselves and to those we love, to our and their emotional, physical and sensory well-being.
KAMI SPA is ready to welcome, in total safety, all those who wish to give and treat themselves to a unique moment of relaxation to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere that only the iconic St.REGIS ROME is able to create and let breathe.
An unforgettable sensory experience to live and let your loved ones live it.
An opportunity to entrust yourself to the hands of our Thai therapists who, thanks to the millenary Buddhist culture dedicated to the good of each other, are able to give you harmony, erase tensions, relax you deeply following the holistic principles of the Oriental tradition. 

Exclusively for our guests, and compatibly with government regulations, it will be a pleasure to offer a soft drink/aperitif at the end of the treatments, at the prestigious LUMEN COCKTAIL & CUISINE: luxury as culture to continue and conclude your KAMI SPA experience.

Till to Sunday MAY the 16th 2021,
KAMI SPA presents:


KAMI NEW SPRING Silver (couple) 240,00 216,00 € per couple
⁃ 15 minutes of purifying sauna
⁃ 60 minutes of Oriental massage

KAMI NEW SPRING Gold (couple) 300,00 270,00 € per couple
⁃ 15 minutes of purifying sauna
⁃ 60 minutes of Oriental massage
⁃ 30 minutes of reflexology or face massage

KAMI LOVE Platinum (couple) 400,00 340,00 € per couple
⁃ 15 minutes of purifying sauna
⁃ 120 minutes of Oriental treatments

But this year the surprises do not end!!!

KAMI SPA adds an elegant and refined idea of wellness for those who want to pay homage to their beloved with a unique beauty ritual.
Le Soin Phyto-Aromatic Radiance Facial imposes itself as an ideal beauty meeting for an immediate effect: the face appears relaxed and rested, the complexion radiant.
Accompanied by an hour of oriental massage by KAMI SPA, KAMI NEW SPRING “SISLEY EDITION” transforms two hours of treatments into an unforgettable tactile and olfactory experience.


⁃ 60 minutes Le Phyto-Aromatic RADIANCE Facial by SISLEY
⁃ 60 minutes of Oriental massage

** Doing massages in health safety at KAMI SPA has always been an imperative.
We implement and monitor our high health standards at all times, assuring our Guests that each treatment is performed in sanitized environments with the highest possible efficiency.
At KAMI SPA, personal preventive devices, such as masks, have been used as a protocol for thirteen years.

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