Trained to Provide a Legendary Experience

KamiSpa therapists are different from any other Spa-staff. First of all we select just Buddhist therapists. The personal vision of Buddhist therapists is more complex with regards to others: within their education and culture they are perfectly aware of their human value and they would never accept to renounce to this. KamiSpa provides them a motivation in order to feel they are not simply accomplishing their duties, but the sense of their own lives. We consider each member of our staff as a unique personality able to express her/his human potential and KamiSpa genuinely manifests its respect throughout a real practice of recognition of its workers rights. We truly believe that a happy worker/therapist is able to deliver a “Blissful Spa Experience”. This point is a crucial one since the “sensorial spa experience” can be conveyed not merely throughout technical skill, but mostly throughout a personal positive energy, what we call at KamiSpa the “energy of goodness”. This concept is the secret of KamiSpa’s “commercial success” so far.